Organic Food – What it means to us

When we see “Organic” on a product we usually think that it just contains no chemicals and therefore must be better for us than non-organic or “normal” produce, but there is a lot more to it than that. Apart from the health benefits for us, there are huge health benefits for the wildlife, and thus the environment, because farms are actually habitats for birds and insects and whilst we are farming, the land can remain a natural habitat for them.

Organic means “No Pesticides” but if instead of “Pesticides” you read “Poisons” it begins to make sense.¬†Whilst it is more difficult, and more expensive, to farm organically it is actually non destructive form of farming. Pesticides kill insects and plants that sustain wildlife and our environment, destroying food chains, and severely affect the entire habitat for all wildlife: birds, snakes, hedgehogs, bats, you name it.

For Pesticides think “Poisons”

When we compare our farmland to adjacent land that is not farmed organically the difference in wildlife and flora is quite astounding. The rich diversity of animals and insects is extremely noticeable. There is an abundance of wildlife on organic farmland and as lovers of our environment, that is our reason for farming organically.

Darren & Julia

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