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Genuine Jersey made here

Genuine Jersey products made hereOur milk, cream, yogurt, and award winning cheeses are all Genuine Jersey accredited and available in our farm shop. For more info about Genuine Jersey visit the website here

Organic Farmers and Growers

As an organic dairy farm we are proud to be OF & G accredited. This accreditation assures you as a customer of stringent quality levels that we adhere to in the production of our milk and dairy goods.

To learn  more, visit the OF & G website


We have recently received SALSA accreditation. “Safe and Local Supplier Approval” SALSA is the approval standard by which we can assure the quality of our products so that customers, and other businesses such as supermarkets for instance that want to buy our local produce can be confident that it meets all of the standards in safety, legality, and quality.

SALSA is a joint venture between the NFU (National Farmers Union, FDF (Food and Drink Federation), BHA (The British Hospitality Association) and the BRC (British Consortium of Retailers. The Institute of Food Science and Technology operates the scheme and it is supported by Defra and the Food Standards Agency.

Needless to say we are very pleased to have successfully achieved this standard. For more information visit the SALSA website